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Brexit Result Did Not Create Racism

Society seems to have this innate attitude of allocating blame to people are circumstances if and when it suits them.  Facing the reality and the truth is something that people want to sweep under the […]

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Why Stimatise men, They are not all the same

According to the media newly appointed, Environment Secretary Andrea Leadsom apparently made a comment in an interview regarding the use of men as nannies. Why should she believe that parents should not employ men as […]

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The Qualities Needed To Lead A Nation

It is tough in today’s political arena to find one individual that I would say yes I want that person to be the leader of the country and subsequent Prime Minister. In my opinion, it […]

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Will Theresa May Call a General Election

Following Andrea Leadsom withdrawal from the Conservative leadership race, there is little doubt that Theresa May will become the second female Prime Minister, following in the footstep of Margaret Thatcher. I am, however, very sceptical […]


Why Are Politicians So Afraid of Honesty

Following Andrea Leadsom decision to quit the Conservative leadership race, I am left wondering what is the problem with politicians? It was only a couple days ago that she stated that it was in the […]