Why Doubt the Existence of Jesus

As far as I know Jesus did exist, and I believe everything that the King James version of the Bible states about the ‘Son of God.’  There is no doubt that there are individuals who […]

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Russian Cyber Crooks – Do they have your details

According to a media report, Russian cybercrooks hacked a software system that runs on thousands of cash register worldwide.   The report further indicates that it is unknown what the hackers accomplished once they gained access, […]

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Slum Landlord – Diabolical Individuals

Poverty is one of the reasons why ‘slum landlords are getting away with cramming people into small dilapidated housing and making a huge profit from others misery. As reported in the media council enforcement officers found […]

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Why Fuss over Rise in Minimum Wage

Every day that passes and the things that humanity does leave me with a bitter taste in the mouth and I believe the human race fail miserable. There is an article in the news that […]


Redrawing the Political Map – Big Mistake

Democracy is supposed to be fair to everyone concern, and although we know that this is not the case, the perception that democratic process is equal gives us hope for the future. According to news reported […]