When Love Turns Sour – Just Way Away

As yet another female begins life incarceration for murdering her boyfriend because she believes he was about to leave her it makes me wonder why do humans have to go down this path when love […]

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Zombie Knife Ban – About time

A knife which is the nick-named zombie to be banned in England and Wales under new legislation that will come into force on Thursday 18 August 2016. The sale, manufacture, rental or importation will come under […]


The Great Unstopable Usain Bolt

The fans in Rio erupt tonight when once again Usain Bolt demonstrate how great an athlete he his giving the crowd in the stadium exactly what they expected. It was incredible to see him run and […]


Woman Sent To Jail Refuses to confirm Husband hit her

Society deplores ‘domestic violence’ by male or females, however, statistics shows that men commit most domestic violence against women. Domestic violence is a criminal act, and the perpetrators of this will be prosecuted.  However, it is up […]


Why Should Cancer Patients Wait for Treatment

The National Health Service NHS) was the first universal health care system established anywhere in the world.  Making health care available to every member of the community and paid for by National Insurance contributions. During […]


Refilling Drinking Water Bottle Unhygienic

Millions of people every day will refill their water bottle especially when you are in the gym exercising, and this is something done without even thinking about any health consequences. Now according to a media […]